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Code of Conduct

Please review our DLF Code of Conduct prior to joining us at the Forum. On site, DLF staff will be identifiable by their name badges and white lanyards.

For First-Time Attendees

We hope our first-time attendees will feel empowered and comfortable when they attend our events. The DLF Community Committee typically plans social and newcomers’ events – check the Wellness and Activities page for more information. 

Before the Events: 

  • When you register, consider signing up for the DLF mentorship program
  • We encourage you to select or enter your pronouns to appear on your conference badge when you register and create your user account on our conference management system. This is an entirely optional field, and we welcome everyone to make a selection.
  • There’s no strict dress code at the Forum, but attendees tend to gravitate towards business casual attire. See photos from previous years (2022; 2021 and earlier) for a better idea. Additionally, meeting rooms can be chilly, so consider keeping a sweater or jacket on hand just in case. 

During the Events: 

  • Most sessions at the Forum are open to anyone—Working Group meetings (aka DLF Working Sessions) included. Please feel free to join these whether you’re interested in joining group activities or just learning more about them.
  • We are completely aware of how hard conferencing can be, and want you to have a good experience. Know it’s ok to leave a session if it’s not what you were expecting, or to miss one entirely because you’re otherwise occupied or just need a break. There will be a designated Quiet Room onsite for anyone who wants to recharge or get some work done.
  • Every session has a shared notes doc if you want to catch up on something you missed (or contribute for others), and presenters will be encouraged to upload slides to DLF’s OSF repository. Links will be available on the shared notes and slides page.
  • Have a question for organizers during the events? Let us know by stopping by the registration desk, stopping anyone with a white lanyard (which indicates staff), or emailing us at

Transportation - Getting to St. Louis

Getting to St. Louis

St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) is about 15 miles or a 20 minute drive to the conference hotel. The hotel does not provide shuttle services to this airport.

Taxis are available from both terminals at the airport and may cost as much as $60-$80 one way. ADA accessible taxis from the airport are available through the following companies: 

  • Airport On-Call Taxicabs (see Taxi Booth for information) 
  • Metro West Transport (call to reserve ADA taxicab at (636) 272-TAXI or visit

Additional information about ground transport from the airport can be found on the
airport’s website.

Public transportation is available from the airport via Light Rail (MetroLink)

Amtrak serves the city via the St. Louis, Missouri Gateway Station. The station is located half a mile, or a 10 minute walk / 2 minute drive, from the conference hotel.

Emergency Information

Should an emergency or otherwise unexpected serious disruption occur, please phone emergency services at 911 immediately. 

DLF staff (who will be clearly designated for the duration of the Forum with name badges and white lanyards) will be onsite to assist by contacting hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, providing escorts, or otherwise helping address the situation in the swiftest, most calm and organized way possible. 

You can also reach CLIR/DLF staff at our emergency/Code of Conduct number at (732) 737-7328 (732-RESPECT) between 7am and 9pm local time. Outside of those hours, please contact the hotel or dial 911 for any after-hours emergencies.

Hospitals near the St. Louis Union Station Hotel

Urgent care centers near the St. Louis Union Station Hotel

Please call or visit their websites to learn more about their limited hours. 

For Families


While we are still determining the details for 2023, we remain committed to making quality childcare available for our attendees. Please feel free to contact us at with questions.

Nursing Room

We will provide a nursing room onsite for those who prefer a quiet, private place to breastfeed their baby or pump. However, please feed your baby whenever and wherever you like. We strive to be a friendly environment for families.

Please ask for the key to the nursing room at the conference registration desk. This room is accessible to one family at a time and is located in a private hotel room away from the conference spaces. The room has comfortable spaces (bed, sofa, chairs), a full bathroom, and a refrigerator.

Floor Plans

We will be providing a more detailed floor plan with information on spaces such as the Quiet Room, All-Gender Restroom, and the Nursing Room in the coming months. You can review in advance the St. Louis Union Station Hotel’s meeting room details on the hotel website and learn more about the venue on the Conference Venue and Hotel page.


When you register for our events, you will have the option to tell us whether or not you would like to be photographed. We ask our attendees to not photograph, video, or audio record anyone without their express permission. Attendees will have differentiated badge lanyards showing their preference for photography.

Black lanyards: Photographs are okay
Yellow lanyards: Please don’t take my photograph


We will be adding to this section over the coming months; please continue to check back for updated information about accessibility at our 2023 events.

Accessible Presentations
We ask that all presenters review our Creating Accessible Presentations webinar and submit their presentations in our conference repository on Open Science Framework (OSF). We recommend that presenters submit their presentations before or during the conference for attendees to access them. OSF links are organized by conference and will be available on the shared notes and slides page.

Listening Systems
More information about the hotel’s listening systems will be available soon. If you’d like to request accommodations, please let us know at

Microphones will be used for all speakers during the opening and closing plenary sessions as well as the breakout sessions. Attendees with questions will be required to use a microphone so that their question is more easily heard both at the keynote and in breakout sessions.

Livestreaming and Recording
We will livestream the DLF Forum and NDSA’s Digital Preservation 2023 plenaries as well as provide partial or full recordings on our Featured Speakers page.

Fragrance at the Forum
All scent diffusers in public spaces at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel will be turned off for the duration of our events. Cleaning products used in hotel restrooms do not have a fragrance, but may have a cleaning product smell which may linger in the restrooms.

For the comfort and safety of those with chemical sensitivities, the DLF Forum is a fragrance-free event. Please refrain from wearing products such as perfumes/colognes, scented lotions, and clothing with strong detergent scents while attending. Thank you for your consideration for all members of our community. 

More information on being fragrance-free can be found here:
Accessible Spaces: A Fragrance-Free Toolkit
Think Before You Stink


Local Dining Options

Our Community Committee will be developing a guide to local dining and entertainment options. Find it on our Local Guide page later this year.

Dietary Requirements at Our Events
We strive to meet all dietary requirements. The conference will provide lunches and basic continental breakfasts as well as hors d’oeuvres at the Monday reception. We will work with the hotel to ensure dishes are clearly labeled. Please let us know your dietary requirements when you register, and contact us at for more detailed information.

With registration to the DLF Forum, we will provide one complimentary beverage ticket (included in your welcome packet) to be redeemed at the Monday night opening reception. We will offer creative spirit-free cocktails, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

Other Resources

  • Provident Behavioral Health – If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs immediate assistance, call their Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • DLF’s emergency/Code of Conduct number at (732) 737-7328 (732-RESPECT). This number will be continuously monitored by CLIR/DLF staff during our in-person events between the hours of 7am and 9pm in the time zone of the events.

Is Something Missing From this List? 

Please let us know if we have not included something you need, something that would improve your experience, or something that would make your attendance possible.