Our events have now passed. Thank you for joining us in St. Louis!

Health Protocols Update (September 26)

Person wearing an N95 mask at standing at a microphone on a stand. People are seated in a large room in the background.

CLIR and DLF would like to provide a final guidance on our approach to health protocols for this year’s DLF Forum and affiliated events, which are now just six weeks away.

The protocols outlined in our August 8 update continue to stand:

  • Masking will be recommended but not required at all CLIR events in St. Louis.
  • Our events will be mask-friendly, meaning anyone who wants to wear a mask will be welcome to do so, no questions asked. 
  • CLIR will work with hotel staff to ensure session rooms, meal and reception spaces, and any other common areas are set up to allow as much opportunity for distancing as possible. Based on current plans, meals and receptions will take place in Midway West, a spacious area with high ceilings. More information about the hotel’s layout, including outdoor spaces and filtration, can be found on our Information for Attendees page under “Floor Plans.”
  • CLIR will have masks, tests, and sanitizer available free of charge at the registration desk for anyone who needs them.
  • Any harassment related to masking will be a violation of our Code of Conduct and may be reported and consequences enforced in the same way as any other CoC violation.
  • CLIR will communicate promptly and transparently to all attendees if we learn of a positive test at one of our conferences. 
  • CLIR will communicate these expectations openly and regularly to all prospective and registered attendees in the weeks leading up to the events.

To further explain what we mean by mask harassment, at our events, this term includes but is not limited to: 

  • Asking someone to explain why they are wearing a mask;
  • Telling someone “COVID is over” when you see them wearing a mask; or
  • Demanding someone lower their mask to speak, either in personal conversations or in sessions.

Additionally, we encourage any and all who are able to get the latest available COVID booster and flu shot at least one week before our events.

If you’re feeling sick:

Please use your best judgment in all cases of illness; your health and well-being are of the utmost importance.

We ask that you understand the following:

  • Traveling and attending events could increase your risk of contracting COVID. 
  • CLIR is not responsible for the venue’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts (or lack thereof) or any negligence by the venue or its staff relative to such precautions. 

We appreciate your patience and compliance with these guidelines. If you have any thoughts or questions you’d like to share, please reach out to us at forum@diglib.org.

Thank you.  

– Aliya and Team DLF

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